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The discovery of Bibione and Lignano Sabbiadoro

The discovery of Bibione - Time ab. 3 hr

  1. The itinerary takes place leaving the port behind us, continuing north-east towards the Litoranea Veneta on your right, as shown.

  2. Follow the waterway as far as the fork, taking the Canale Nuovo on the right. Remember to navigate in the middle of the channel because of the danger of shallow water.

  3. Continue the navigation until you find the bridge of Bevazzana and the restaurant "Al Ponte", with the possibility to stop and moor.

  4. Now you have reached the inside of the river Tagliamento where continuing, on the opposite bank, you will find the restaurant "da" Willy.

  5. Arrived at the mouth of the river, you will admire the lighthouse of Bibione and enter the Adriatic Sea.

  6. Along the beach of Bibione, you will return to the starting point entering the lagoon of Porto Baseleghe.

  7. We remind you to respect the buoys of delimitation of the bathing area not allowed to navigation.

 Download HERE the route map


Discovering Lignano - Duration half day approx. 9-13 at 13-17

  1. Start from Portobaseleghe and go north-east entering the Litoranea Veneta.   

  2. Keep sailing until you reach the fork where you must turn right to enter the Canale Nuovo.

  3. Follow the canal until the bridge of Bevazzana, where on the left, you will find the restaurant Al Ponte, with the possibility of rest and refreshment (free docking).

  4. Afterwards you will have entered the river Tagliamento, where you will continue until the fork called "Conca di Bevazzana Destra" and enter the Canale dei Pantani towards Marano. In case of low tide it is not recommended to go through the Conca di Bevazzana, because it is an area of shallow waters.

  5. Past the lagoon, enter the Canale dei Lustri that will take you to the Bocca dei 3 Canali, where, to the south, you will find the port of Lignano and the entrance to the Adriatic Sea.

  6. At the entrance of the port on your right, as marked on the map, you will find the restaurant "Al faro da Luciana". Reservation recommended. Inside the port of Lignano you can find a refuelling area.

  7. Go back to Portobaseleghe along the coast of Lignano and the mouth of the river Tagliamento. 

  8. Continue the route leaving behind the lighthouse of Bibione.

  9. Continue towards Bibione Pineda and return to the lagoon of Portobaseleghe on the right.

 Download HERE the route map
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