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The discovery of Caorle

Time 9-13 to 13-17 hr

  1. Starting from Portobaseleghe, head north and take the Litoranea Veneta on your left. Remember to navigate in the middle of the canal.

  2. Navigate to the locality Brussa where you can find the Mazarack restaurant under the bridge (with the possibility to stop and moor).

  3. From the restaurant continue northwards, skirting the Valle Nuova and taking the canale del Morto on the right at the fork.

  4. Continue sailing until the fork, where you will find the casone of Maurizio Marchesan (with the possibility to stop and moor by reservation, by contacting the office), then continue south entering the Nicesolo canal in the direction of the Falconera port of Caorle.

  5. Inside Porto Falconera, you can find a refuelling area. Leaving Falconera port, go straight on because of the danger of shallow waters.

  6. In case of low tide do not go near the shore because of the danger of rocks.

  7. Return to the port of Bibione by sea along the Adriatic Riviera and enter the lagoon of Baseleghe on your left.

  8. If the sea is rough, you can take an alternative route, taking the Canadare canal on the left and at the fork turn right onto the Litoranea Veneta.

  9. Go along the Litoranea, at the fork continue on the right to land in the lagoon of Porto Baseleghe.

    Download HERE the route map

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