Certifications and Environment

Porto Baseleghe operates providing services in the full respect of the surrounding environment. For this reason, we adopted an Environmental Management System in accordance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001, as a testimony of the commitment and of the awareness of the issues.

EMAS Certifications
Bibione Mare Spa, the company that owns Porto Baseleghe, is an EMAS registered company.
In order to obtain the EMAS registration Bibione Mare Spa had to:

1. Conduct an environmental review
All the environmental impacts of the activities were examined: productive processes, products and services, evaluation methods, regulatory framework, regular practices and procedures for environmental management.
2. Develop an environmental management system
The second step is to create an efficient environmental management system, that responds to the challenges and to the problems that are detected by the above analysis. In the management system are specified means, operating procedures, training needs, monitoring and control measures, communication systems.
3. Conduct an environmental audit
Evaluate the effectiveness of the management system and of the environmental performance on the basis of the rules in force, of the targets, of the programs and of the organization.
4. Prepare an environmental statement
Declare the results achieved compared with the initial objectives, presenting a plan for continuing the activity also in the future.
5. Obtain the independent verification by an EMAS auditor
Verification of an EMAS accredited auditor of one of the Member States who shall examine the environmental management system, the procedure and the audit activities beyond the environmental statement.
6. Register the declaration with the competent authority of the Member State
The environmental statement validated by the environmental auditor will be sent to the competent authority of the Member State for registration. Once the registration has been obtained, the organization receives a number that identifies it in the European register, has the right to use the EMAS logo and makes available to the public the environmental statement.
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